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May 9, 2020
Phoenix, AZ
@FatChicksDigMe here are my d'uccles just as they started laying. Their combs popped up and got super red. They started laying at 24 weeks...

20201015_165417.jpg 20201023_123429.jpg


6 Years
May 9, 2015
Merced County, CA
Oh.. i don't think shes 28 weeks.. she looks much younger.. her comb is just barely coming in. Maybe 20ish weeks?

And i think the daylight hours has more of an impact than the temperatures, but i think it's age at the moment. Maybe a late bloomer if you're sure she's older.
Honestly, maybe that's what's going on. But I think its important to note that she is a show quality girl i got from a breeder on the Booted and Belgium d'uccle club. So she's not pet quality per say. I actually have a pet quality mille fleur as well as my show quality version in Maleficent. I definitely need to show you guys pictures of the difference! While Maleficent is quite beautiful, I think Millie can hold her own😊

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