D'Uccle hen feathers curling

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    I have a six month old mottle D'uccle hen who started laying about a month ago. In the past couple of weeks her feathers have begun curling all over her back. She's on layer pellets and scratch grains. My other D'uccle is starting to have her feathers curl slightly too. They are also penned with a Silkie hen who looks completely normal. Is this a vitamin deficiency? Could they have some frizzle genes? Are they molting?
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    Can you post a picture or two?
    Limit the scratch to only once a week.
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    Here’s Sinead

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    Very pretty! ❤️ Her feathers do look a little frizzled.....
  5. Feathers curling up on either the neck hackles or the back is usually a sign that your chicken is experiencing his or her flock mates picking and eating the small tender feathers off of the back and neck.

    When a flock mate grabs hold of a feather and the other bird pulls away the result is like a woman curling her hair with an old fashion curling iron.

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