D'Uccles Colors & Japanese Bantam Personalities?


9 Years
Jun 13, 2010
West Virginia
We have just one little Mille Fleur D'Uccle and she is a very sweet hen. We lovingly call her our dog-chicken because she loves to hang out with us humans and she can often be found outside the back door waiting for a treat. We would like to get a couple more just for fun/pets. Since these are "just for fun" pets I am going to order via the local feed store since now is the season lol. I see that Ideal is sold out of Mille Fleur but have Blue Mille Fleur - I have used Google to look at pics but I can't see a really good pic of a Blue Mille Fleur vs a Mille Fleur as far as coloring goes - especially on the hens. The same pics seem to pop up for both searches.
Also, if we can't get any D'Uccles that we are wanting, does anyone know if Japanese bantams have a similar personality?
Check out the D'Uccle thread and youe will find pictures of some to the different colors.
It is also possible that there is one of the breeders in your area or are able to ship to you.


I've had both d'uccles and 2 japanese bantams. Of the two, I preferred the d'uccles. The hens are tamer and more sweet I believe. The male d'uccles also have never tried to flog me or my son, although they have nipped me before or pecked my shoes when they want treats. I hear d'uccles are better layers. I fell in love with d'uccles and the rest is history. I have a flock of porcelain d'uccles and 3 mille fleur d'uccle hens running with them. I will be having more eggs for sale later this year and have 21 in the incubator now. You might try Cackle hatchery and see if they have d'uccles still.
Thanks for your comments! I am limited to the hatchery the local feed stores use - all of them use Ideal lol. I've also posted in our local thread that I'm looking for some. I think I'll go with either the golden neck or the blue mille fleur Ideal still has available. If I'm understanding correctly, even with a blue mille fleur roo, since we will have blue mille fleur and standard mille fleur hens, we will get both colors of chicks. We're excited to have more - the one we have we got as kind of a "well, OK, I guess" in a trade and we've just fallen in love with her.

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