D'uccles Millie Fluer, this years..hens, pullets, cockerals... assortment.. $15


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Nov 10, 2009
Out of cage space and need to thin down a show heard of MillieFluer D'uccles....

several very nice young cockerals, several nice young hens, we also have pullets and somce very young hens, also a few proven hens who are still laying....

all are show quality, and most have been shown... several Champion Featherleg awards and a few Best in show awards..

Located in Southern MI, near the Indiana Ohio lines....

Prices depending on what you purchase.... $10 to $20

Hillsdale MI
I suppose we could ship... I just have never done it....LOL
we have some nice yearling hens who lost a toe due to cold, but have put VERY nice chicks on the ground.....
we also have a few 2 year old hens who are great layers....
I can look into the shipping....
e-mail is [email protected]
Since you've decided that you would ship - I live in WI - 54656 (for shipping calculation). I am looking for 2 Mille Fluer D'uccle hens. Can you please let me know how much it would cost?
Your rooster is gorgeous! Do you have one or two of them? Do they get along? I'm thinking to keep them warm during express mail shipping, they could travel together. I live in Grants Pass, Oregon, 97527.

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