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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by 72elizabeth, Aug 11, 2010.

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    I need help. I built a 8x20ft x6ft high pen. Hardware cloth wire 1"x1" all around. Chicken wire around perimeter and also hot wired the bottom of perimeter, and chicken wire on the top for now. I divided it into 2 sections, half for the 10 guineas and half for the 9 ducks. They only go in the pen to sleep. They free range all day, on 5ac fenced in for horses. They are secure, and so far I haven't seen any predators. I live in No. Florida and winters are mild and summers are over 100 degress. I have a tarp over the pen for shade. I've been hosing down the pen, but the ground can take just so much water. Do I put a hip roof on and cover the entire pen? Do I just cover the guinea side and leave the duck side open, give them a duck house and let nature take care of the ground. If I put up a hip roof, I would cover the sides with canvas for the winter and shade cloth for the summer. At one time I lived in Va. and didn't have half as much cleaning. I used small car tires, filled with hay for their nesting and had 20 ducks with a carport over them, and heavy felt (from a mill) for the sides in the winter. What am I doing wrong! Why is there so much cleaning? Any suggestion and pictures would help. Thanks

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    I am just guessing but the cleaning just might be required due to the different regions. Here in NV I can rake my runs - everything dries out and a leaf rake works great. Maybe a roof is something you should do - great for shade and keeping the area dry. My ducks also have dog houses to chill in if they wish.

    Sorry I am not much help.
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    Quote:I have a similar set up that is still a work in progress. The first pen I had a dirt floor - it stayed muddy all the time. Even with daily cleaning of the waterers and pool, the ground stayed "funky". I just purchased a 10 x 10 kennel that came with the concrete flooring blocks. It has made cleaning a breeze - with no smell any more. I put down the weed barrier cloth under the bricks and spray it off each morning. Mine also free range all day and just go into the pen at night. I was told that the concrete may be too rough on their feet, so I am trying to find the rubber horse stall mats or something similar to put down. It should also help to insulate this winter. I also want to see if "indoor/outdoor" carpeting would be ok... As far as the top goes, I have obtained two more panels and am going to put them over the top for security and then attach a tarp for shade. Not sure what kind yet - I need something that will let water drain and not pool on top...still a work in progress. Here is a pic of what I have to date. I'm also working on building a small enclosure to put their food under with a top and 2 or 3 sides to protect it from the rain...


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