Duck attacked by a raccoon

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Jackerz, Apr 25, 2017.

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    Apr 18, 2017
    hey, i have a duck who is almost a year old. she was attacked by a raccoon about a month ago. i had talked to the department of agriculture to find out what to do for her but at the time all i had noticed was the bite marks on her neck, some meat on her neck missing, you could see a piece of her skull on the top on her head and the joint on her left wing is exposed. i had also noticed that she couldnt really walk on her left leg, i thought it was just hurt....but about a week after her attack i noticed that she couldnt walk on her left leg because she has a whole just above her leg. it had been fine until the other day i noticed the wound above her leg had an odor and it was oozing out yellow liquid. i had been instructed to give her penicillin and to put pollysporin on her cuts and to flush them with a syringe and water, but this was before i noticed the wound above her leg. its very hard to find a vet that deals with ducks and im hoping someone may have some information for me to help my duck. i really dont want her to die. she has not layed any eggs since being attacked either (not that i mind, just not sure if that makes a difference) both of her eyes just started bubbling/foaming about 3 days ago. i really hope someone can help, i would be forever thankful!

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