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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by erinszoo, Oct 15, 2011.

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    What can we do with our drake duck, 4 months old, who is attacking our chickens? He's pulling out the feathers on their necks and trying to climb on them ... obviously he wants a mate ... but even if we get more baby ducks for him to get a female for him it will be several months before they are old enough for him to mate with. We try to keep them separated as much as we can and when they are all in the yard free ranging together the chickens can keep out of his way by hopping up on blocks and things but when we HAVE to put them all in the pen together he's a nightmare. Can we leave him alone in the yard while the others are in the pen? He has a shelter in the yard with food and water that he goes in with the geese at night but it's just a three sided shed that we close up so it's not really protection from the predators. Can he defend himself well enough for a few hours to leave him alone?

    The deal is, we give all our birds free range of the whole yard during the day if we are home or just running to the store or something and we have babies in contained areas within the coop that we keep closed while everyone else is ranging. But late in the afternoon or early evening we run everyone in to the pen and open the coop so it's easier to catch them all at dark and so we can clean the yard up from their continual digging and scratching. But we also run them in the yard and use the geese as guards from cats and oppossums and skunks, etc if we are going to be gone for several hours during the day. That's when the duck seems to be at his worst. So the question is can he guard himself from predators if he's not with the geese? (the cats leave him alone but the wild critters ...)

    We don't want to get rid of him because he's already won prizes in shows and is a beautiful duck that we are planing to breed in the spring.
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    Quote:If you have to keep them in the same coop at night why not put him inside a dog crate, that way he is safe and the chickens are safe too. I wouldn't leave him outside too may predators. My drake is 4 months and we just got him 3 girls so they could bond and finish growing together.
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    "Can he defend himself well enough for a few hours to leave him alone?"

    No, he can't. Your best option would be to get him some duck company -- you could check out Craigslist and/or put an ad out for wanting ducks 4 months or older. A lot of people are downsizing their flocks right now so they don't have so many to feed over winter. Or find someone with ducks who will let him overwinter at their house -- offer to pay for food or share fertilized eggs, etc. Otherwise I'd recommend you get one of those close-sided dog crates that you can fasten securely. Make sure there are no areas big enough for a predator to reach a hand through. I lost a drake and a hen both whose neck was captured through a fence... Good luck!
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    Drakes have penises, roosters do not. Given this fact and the clumsiness of mating drakes there is potential for physical injury/death caused by your drake breeding the hens. Seperate pens are called for.
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    Quote:2X! Craigslist is a great place to find folks downsizing their flocks. You can also check here on the auctions for folks in your area or post in the wanted section. Good luck!!
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    I have 2 drakes that will attack and try to breed with the wind if it blows too hard or a leaf if it falls from the tree. They have their own area that they live in (away from the other animals). I can't trust them to get along with the chickens, geese, turkeys, ducks, cats, rabbits, sheep and goat. They will always have a separate area with their own pool and everything. They have separate free ranging time from the others as well.

    Here are the 2 little juvenile delinquents. The only animal that they get along with is this little girl in the middle and she loves them. She will cry if she is ever separated from them and will carry on all kinds of noise if you take her away from her fellas, so she lives with them. They DO NOT attack or try to breed her for some reason. [​IMG]


    Since you don't want to re-home him, sounds like your only option is to keep him in his own little area where he is secure.

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