Duck beak gummed up?

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  1. Jemima Duck

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    Jun 10, 2019
    Hello, I'm new to owning ducks, and have had 2 runner ducks for a little over a week now (and getting another tomorrow).
    Apart from my other post about their behaviour (which I was told was normal, phew), the ducks have been getting along fine. I have been using just hay for bedding up until 2 days ago, now I have been using the hay topped up with pet store sawdust on top (I figured it would absorb some of their moisture because they seem to love bathing, and shaking off in their coop). Just as I was putting the ducks into their coop for the night tonight (I'm in the UK), I noticed my female duck had something hanging out of her mouth, and she was making a chewing noise. Concerned at this, I managed to catch her (she's still skittish) and wipe away what I could from the outside of her mouth as she wouldn't seem to let me open her mouth. This made me very very concerned as whatever it was (it looked like sawdust?) Had the consistency of snot or mucus. I tried to get as much off as I could, but when she quacked I could see there was some more in her mouth. I then put her down and watched her drink and preen herself... Though I'm still not sure if she has managed to shift whatever it was.
    Behaviourally, she has been completely fine today, eating as normal, walking as normal, pooping as normal.

    Of course following this, and my assumption that the issue was sawdust, I removed everything from the coop and just put down some puppy pee pads for tonight (as I'm all out of hay, and am getting more bedding tomorrow).

    I suppose I'm really concerned because I don't want her to not be able to eat or something. Clearly something is wrong with her? My other runner duck is completely fine and has nothing stuck on his mouth.

    Any responses would be very appreciated, thank you
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    Aug 11, 2016
    How's your duck doing today? I have Runners, too. Are yours adult ducks? If possible, I'd try to take a look in her mouth to make sure everything looks normal in there (nothing wrapped around tongue, for example). I'd also make sure she has access to appropriately-sized grit, in case she was eating sawdust.
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  3. Jemima Duck

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    Jun 10, 2019
    Hello, thank you for responding! Today she seems to have been fine, though I had an issue with my other duck having a large crop (I think he ate too quickly and the food expanded in his crop?).
    I haven't managed to look into her mouth as I've been out, and she was put her to bed an hour ago due to it getting dark. I will definitely have a look tomorrow, the ducks are still very shy so it's almost impossible to grab them though, let alone pry their mouth open. My ducks are 9 weeks old currently... And yess, I made sure to put extra grit out today.
    Thank you again for your reply!
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