Duck cant walk! Wont eat!!

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  1. Bleenie

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    I found my Muscovy boy, Sidney, yesterday afternoon laying in the muddy end of the pen. I was feeding everyone and looked up and saw him, he couldnt move and was shivering a lot. it rained HARD the day before so I am assuming he laid down the night before and couldnt move in the morning.

    He seemed fine otherwise. i immediately rushed him into the bath tub for a warm bath to clean him off and warm him up. he drank water like crazy but hes still refusing to eat.

    he's drank a lot of water (with avia charge) but just wont eat. he's starting to get very pale in the face and i just dont know what to do. he stayed in the roasting hot house until i went to bed, i was hoping the cold just siezed up his joints and the heat would loosen them up and hed be fine, but no luck there [​IMG]

    he can only move himself with his wings because his legs, from the 'knee' down and just limp, they just hang when i hold him or lay limp when hes laying down.

    i really need some help here, im just gonna cry if he doesnt get better & i lose him.

    >>everyone else is all Fine.
    >>he was in the coop so he didnt eat anything weird.
  2. monathequeen

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    May 13, 2009
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    Have You Looked At The Bottom Of His Feet ???
    Is There Any Kind Of Swelling Or Sores Under Neath ??

    Make Sure You Check That Out. If He Has Bumblefoot, You Need To Get Him On Baytril Immediately.............he Will Survive But If You Don't Do Anything, He Will Prob. Expire.
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    Oh no, I am so sorry to hear about Sidney. [​IMG] Is he doing any better this a.m.?
    Have you had a chance to carefully look him over again?
    I wonder if he may have fallen or somehow hurt his back since his legs aren't working.
    I do hope you can give us an update on his condition. I'd keep up with the Avia Charge and see if you can get him to eat some thawed peas. Maybe a bit of fish or other lunchmeat that would tempt him to eat. Keep him warm, dry and quiet till you have a chance to do a physical evaluation.
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    Bleenie, How's Sidney? [​IMG]
  5. Bleenie

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    Hes still the same, he comes in everyday when i am home but has to go out during the night because i dont have a solid bottom cage big enough for him and he keeps dragging himself around by his wings if he gets spooked by a noise. he's VERY pale tonight. im just at a loss as to what it could be.

    His 'thighs' work fine, just from his 'knee' down in limp on both legs.
    no sores or bumblefoot.
    no physical wounds at all, anywhere.

    Symptoms are:
    -legs are limp
    -extreme paleness in the face(pinkish instead of bright red)
    -no appetite for food
    -drinking TONS of water</b>

    his body weight is still good, his legs just arent mobile.

    I cooked him some spaghetti noodles, fresh tomatoes and added cayenne pepper just for the heck of it(just in case). i added water also in hopes that he would eat some while he was drinking but no luck with that.

    He's just BLAH still [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. monathequeen

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    May 13, 2009
    Burlington KS
    Do You Have A Vet Who Could Evaluate Him ?
    They Will Only Charge You A Office Visit And Go From There.
    I Spent Over A Thousand Dollars On My Pekin After It Was All Said And Done But She Had Surgery...i Made Payments And It Was Well Worht It.

    You Need To Get Him To A Vet Asap If At All Possible...the Not Eating Is What Concerns Me....try Some Epsoms Salt In The Tub And Let Him Soak In There....
  7. Bleenie

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    I am going to call my vet today but i dont know if he'll see him. theres not really anyone around here that does poultry or birds.

    I am going to check anyway though since i know he has a lot of farm critters people leave him. (he works out of his home)
  8. Bleenie

    Bleenie Wyan-DO's

    He is still pooping though!!

    he ate a small amount last night, so i am hoping he'll eat more today.
  9. twistedpickle

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    Jun 16, 2009
    check poop for worms, blood, watery (more then usaual) sounds gross but you can tell alot from their poop. if all that is normal i would guess he has
    broken a bone. bone marrow in the blood will make him very ill. same in humans. feel leg from top to bottom. does he try to pull back at any spot? do you feel anything diffrent in one leg compared to the other ? As im sure you know bird bones are hollow to allow for flight, bad side is they break very easy.
    good luck
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  10. DuckLady

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    Has anything stressed him badly? Like being chased or scared?

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