Duck can't walk


11 Years
May 15, 2008
Hi Everyone,
I have a one yr old pekin drake that I have had since he was an egg

About a week ago he started limping. I didn't think too much about it
at the time, the ducks run all around so maybe a sprain. Yesterday, I noticed
he was limping on both legs and really using his wings to balance himself.
Today he can hardly walk. I have him in the pen by himself for his own saftey.
He is eating and drinking and very alert and hates being away from his friends.
I don't see any swelling or twisting of his feet or legs. I am at a loss as to what this
could be.
Many years ago I had a duck that was crippled. Her legs were all twisted and totally
useless. She pulled herself around with her beak and kind of pushed with those crippled
legs. She loved to swim though.
Anyway I am not seeing that in this duck. He will stand but the legs just don't want to work.


7 Years
Apr 17, 2012
Far Northern California
I am just in my first year of having ducks so I don't really know much about the various illnesses. Do you think it could be a niacin deficiency? Jumping for a tall height and hurting her legs? A fight? I hope someone can jump in and ask some questions and maybe help!

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