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    Sep 21, 2013
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    We had a late season clutch from our Muscovy. Only one made it with our assistance the last few days. Because we have it inside in a brooder and its near 0F at night putting it in the barn we feel is not an option. Today it started drinking and eating crumbles on its own. Our concern although we are likely to have a human imprinted duckling should we fine another duckling so it has duckling company. being nearly Nov. few ducklings are born now. Would any other breed of duck be okay to keep it company to grow up with until it can go outside. Its mom is in the barn in her coop but 3 females and a drake live outside our house in a fenced pen.

    Just wondering if anybody has raised a lone baby duckling and how it went and any thoughts as what make its transition to the flock later. here is baby.
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    I'd say a lot of us have been in the situation your in, I did this a couple years ago with a Muscovy duckling hatched but mama tried to kill it so we brought it inside, What an awesome experience my dh and I feel so in love with this lil duckling and he became such a big part of our family of 2 adults and 4 dogs. He actually thought he was a puppy when he got large enough to hang out on the floor with the dogs under supervision of course, even slept in a dog bed during the day time lol . Never had any problems with him till he got hormones running rampant at about 5-6 months old and he was confused as to what he was so he wanted me as his mate, took awhile to convince him other wise and also got him 3 ducks of his very own. If you can find another duckling [doesn't matter at this age what breed either.] it would probably be better on your duckling especially if a drake more bonding with duckling then than you. But again even with the difficulty
    I went through with the hormones it was so worth it I'll never forget the special times we had with our lil baby inside. That is such a sweet pics. Enjoy. Ours had a stuffed duck animal as a brooder mate and a non breakable mirror for company when it couldn't be with us. I use to have a towel across my shoulder and when we would sit on the couch or outside the lil one would crawl under just like going under mama. what a precious baby.
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