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    Hi there friends ! I just recently moved my Pekin duck to an outside coop I live in Northern New Jersey and I was wondering what everybody uses for the bedding. Right now the Duckcoop is on cinderblocks so I know it's really hard and probably not comfortable for them was wondering what everyone else uses. Also sidenote my Pekin duck is blind he was born with no eyes. He has only ever lived and slept on towels and a tarp so I have read reviews about pine shavings and hay and I want to make sure he doesn't eat them and get it stuck in his throat. Any help would be greatly appreciated![​IMG]
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    Aww is he an only duck?
    I use straw , in the covered run and pine shavings inside the coop
    As long as they have access to grit/dirt outside then eating some shavings wont hurt .
    Im guessing your duck has outside time so it can have access to grass and dirt. If not you will want to give it a bowl of dirt or you can buy grit from a feed store as well.
  3. I use pine shavings in the coops and no need for bedding in the run..It will make for easy cleanup with a hose on the blocks..:)....

    Your Duck will need another Duck or it will get depressed and lonely...:(


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