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    May 6, 2017
    Hi all,brand new to BYC and brand new to chicken/duck ownership!!I have 25 chickens and five Appleyard ducks all are 2 months old. I have kept them all in the same coop(8x12 prebuilt shed) since birth. Lately the ducks chase the chickens away from food and water so I built a separate coop for the ducks. Do I need two doors? I have read that if ducks don't have another exit they won't go in.Also can I leave water and food outside the duck coop? They are free range all day from sun up till sun down so are only in the coop at night. Do they need food and water at night? The coop is inside the run so food and water is available right outside the coop but should it be inside the coop itself? Thanks everyone!! I really love this site!! :)
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