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Feb 11, 2018
We just bought a house on 2 acres and need to figure out a new duck coop. Right now we just have a normal lot with their run in the back yard (a dog kennel with house for shelter). Looking at pre fab houses to save time and energy of building one from scratch since the move is already taxing on our time. I’ve seen some cool chicken coops but the ramp makes me nervous. Will they use it? I eventually want chickens but currently just have 3 runner ducks. Any advice appreciated. The acreage we will have will most definitely have coyotes and possibly foxes. We plan to pour a slab and put the house on top secured with whatever anchors necessary.

Any advice appreciated. Running out of time to order and get set up!

Thank you!
Prefabs are generally frowned upon here on byc - but I see there are plenty of entries for the summerhawk ranch contest. ;) However, I find there is a time and place for them. I like the producer's pride coops at tractor supply. They have ones that are on the ground with no ramp needed or a very small one. You could just remove the roosts. I would try to get as big as you can. Just browsed the tsc website and they have some other brands that sit on the ground as well.
I am going to modify a playhouse I got from craigslist, but I kind of regret not getting a prefab just knowing how easy they are to put together.
From what I have read and have been told is that all ducks need is a shelter for the night, shaded areas, and water deep enough for their nares. A lot of people use a kennel and a dog house for their ducks.
If the run is secure a prefab house will be fine. They don’t last long thought and are really cheaply made. I would only expect to get 2 years out of one. I have one and it leaks, but it served it’s purpose.

I recently moved and converted a metal shed into a coop. It is on a raised plywood floor so nothing can dig in. It was easy to add holes and cover them with hardware cloth. The coons have thoroughly tested it with claw marks all over, but it’s solid. They aren’t cheap but the cost of prefab or wood isn’t cheap either. The most expensive thing was that I added rubber floor mats so the shavings aren’t on the wood.
I was looking at a playhouse to turn into a duck house but I have a pretty long dresser I was tossing and I think I'm going to use that. In my mind I know what I want but getting it that way is different story...
How big is the dog kennel?
It’s about 4’ x 6’ plus their house. The problem is it’s not super secure. It keeps them in but not sure it will keep preditors out. The way it sits against the dog house portion, I fear something could get in.
Hoop coop! Inexpensive and a great option that you can really tailor predator proofing. I've used both pvc and cattle panels and while both are useful, I prefer the cattle panels as they are easier to work with, very sturdy and and cheap. You can pretty much build a secure hoop run and your ducks will be pleased. At least mine are - they hate coops and refuse to use one :)
Best of luck!
Do you have pics? Maybe get a bigger kennel? Add hw cloth to the bottom at least. I know the prefabs come w/hw cloth, but I still had to add to it to make it digger proof. A neighbor dog tried to get at the chickens and was able to bend a little section of the door wher it was single wired. I am not sure if it would have succeeded if it had been out there longer.
If you buy prefeb, don’t do what I did and get the ones high off the ground. They will never use it. I sawed mine off and placed it on blocks so it’s not sitting directly on the ground. But they still never use it. Only when I make them. Most of the ones I see are way too small for ducks.

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