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    May 9, 2011
    Ok, I just finished off building my Taj MaHen (Will post pics and a tale later...) But, now I have my old coop. I would like to use it for a duck house. It's about 16" off the ground, with a nice ramp. Question is, I'd like to get a couple of ducks later in the year, or early next. If I build them a nice run, will they use the house when the weather gets too cold (or at night?)

    I live in Missouri, so we only have a week or so of single-digits most winters. They will have PLENTY of shade and some water. It sounds like I should probably not bank on any hens laying in nesting boxes like the chickens, so I'll put a few litter boxes with some bedding in the yard...

    Thoughts from any of you duck-lovers out there?

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