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    Jun 26, 2016
    TL;DR: One of my two ducks died and the other one is lonely and i dont know how to help or what to do.

    I Have had 2 ducks, one named Ethan, One Named Maxine (Or Max for Short)
    Throughout having these ducks since they were just a week old, i ofc grown to them, and bonded ect..
    They are were inseparable, they did everything and anything together, the female (maxine) would follow Ethan everywhere.

    Apon going outside to casually clean the pools then lock them in their duck pen for the night, i saw Ethan (male) Quacking loud asf
    and it made me run to were he was, i turned the corner and saw him sitting next to maxines lifeless body, it was really heartbreaking for me to see..

    i digged a hole and put maxine in this container type thing, and sat it near max while i continued digging her grave, then i grabber the container, and Ethan bit me, and got really aggressive, i had to get my friend to block his view as i took her and buried her.
    After my friend moved Ethan (male duck) was quacking and looking around for Maxine everywhere, and after 30 mins of him looking he just started to follow me as if i had answers or some ****
    so he ended up following me inside and i made him a bed and layed towls down for him, its heartbreaking to see him so lonely, i dont know what to do with him..
    it sucks that this happens 2 days before my birthday lmao.. i might buy another older/mature duck as a friend for him with money i get from my birthday.

    i also have a mirror in my room and he wont leave it, he is sitting right next to it and wont move, its sad.. i think he thinks its maxine or some ****..

    But yeah, i dont know how to make him feel better/less lonely.

    The duck died but we dont know how, it looks like she was sleeping but i went to put her in her duck pen and she was frozen like a rock..

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