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    I've read hundreds of posts and articles about what peop;le feeds their ducks but I still have to ask.... Does anyone give their laying ducks Purina Layena crumbles? Do they need oyster shell? If they do, how do you offer the shell? Do they need anything else on a daily basis? I treat my girls often with romaine lettuce and chopped tomatoes but not daily. They are free range with plenty or bugs, grass and weeds.

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    If they get layer they shouldn't need added calcium since it is in the layer ration. Theoretically, you shouldn't feed layer all year as they won't be laying all year. I have chosen to feed Flock Raiser and I offer oyster shell in a seperate contianer. My ducks aren't laying yet, my geese won't start til winter (hopefully) and not all of my chickens are laying yet so I decided against layer pellets, just easier for me.
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    I feed my duck purina Layena pellets. I do offer veggies on occasion but they also free range and have tons of bugs and weeds/grass. I do not offer oyster shells. My pekin does lay all year long and I pretty much get an egg a day from her. I feel Layena to her all year long but during the winter I add cracked corn to keep my ducks fat and warm. I feed Layena to my two females and my male and I have never had any issues.
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    Most domestics lay year round so the layena is fine for them with no added oyster shell needed.

    Seasonal layers like Muscovy, Call Ducks, and ornamentals don't lay year round so don't need layer feed during the off season. The same is for geese since they lay only in the spring.

    Enjoy the ducks.

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