Duck dislikes young it normal?

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Aug 17, 2012
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My Coop it is. We have 6 chickens, 1 is a young rooster (hasn't even crowed yet but will soon) and 4 ducks. All along the ducks have kind of totally ignored everyone. Our Pekin, leader of the quack pack, lately is constantly fussing and fighting with the roo. Every morning when everyone is released (chicks and ducks are housed separately) she hunts him down and starts quacking quickly and doing the head bobbing thing till he responds. Poor Bonnie (roo) tries to ignore Butter (pekin) but she gets in his face till he has to ruffle his feathers and jumps at her (he hasn't gotten his spurs yet). She always dodges him and then chases him off then happily quacks her way across the yard to get in the pool. It doesn't ever appear to be over (he has a fav hen he goes after but hasn't ever batted an eyelash at the ducks)... it just seems like she likes fussing at him. Is this normal or just a quirky personality thing?

Bonnie, poor fella went just finished a partial molt, lost most of his tail feathers.

Butter the pekin duck

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