Duck, Duck, Goose?

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    About 8 years ago there was a park that had Pekin ducks someone dumped off. They laid their eggs willy-nilly on the shore, no nest. I'd go daily and pick them up, scavenged 11, 5 hatched into the cutest ducklings ever. So then we moved, and the ducks were just a fond memory.

    Fast forward to yesterday, and we returned to the park for a walk. One white duck, one crested duck, and one Mallard for females, each with 2-3 boyfriends, mallard or something that color with white chests? And the usual Canadian Geese.

    Found an egg on the shore, just like before, all those years ago. No nest. But it seems big... maybe a goose. But likely not, after refreshing my memory on egg sizes. So then... I found myself on Ebay, and looking at duck eggs.... since setting one egg is just silly. Checked paypal, had just the right amount in there to "buy it now" on some Saxony ducks. Ordered 6.

    So then I plugged in my incubator, and it's cooking now to be ready for those eggs. I'll set the foundling egg tomorrow since I won't mind a lone duckling for a couple of days while the rest are cooking.

    A question though... last time I was misting the eggs with water once a day to "simulate momma duck returning from a swim"... is that really needed?

    If the foundling duck egg turns out to be a goose, it will be turned over to a rehabber since they're a protected species. But I've never seen a goose just drop an egg like that, only really bad nesting choices from the young ones, but in a nest none the less. So I'm pretty sure it's a duck, from one of the 3 females. Likely not the mallard, they would nest too, right?

    So I'm thinking from the white Pekin, or the buff colored crested one. What are the boys with the mallard coloring and white?

    Drawing up plans for a duck house and looking at my brooding options, I recall them being quite messy. Leaning towards the baby pool over the wooden box. Maybe the wooden box for two weeks and then transferred to the baby pool. Supposing anything hatches.

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