duck egg selling info wanted please


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Is it mud or poop on them? If they are too dirty- the people may not want to buy them- or will clean them up themselves. I always try to collect eggs as early as I can so there is a change that any soiling on the egg is still wet and can be wiped off straight away. Otherwise I " dry clean" then as much as possible to remove the dirt- and use fine sandpaper to loosen it rather than water. Have you test incubated the eggs or being breaking them open to check for fertility?? Its always good to have something to tell customers about what kind of success rate they should expect from the eggs- without knowing for sure first how your fertility is you could have people come back and try to claim money back after a poor hatch. Also it is good to mention to customers that different incubator techniques - and shipping ( if you intent to post eggs ) can alter the results in comparison to what you have achieved yourself.


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Quote:Hi duckyfromoz I think its probably poop I'll try dry cleaning them. As far as testing I gave my friend 5 eggs as he had a duck sitting I mainly gave him them for the kids to see them hatch but it was the first time iv ever tried to hatch the eggs, out of the 5, 3 eggs hatched and one was dead inside. I currently have a duck sitting on 13 eggs she did have 15 under her but she's thrown 2 eggs out one had blood vessels in and the other had nothing so I think the one that had blood in must of died early and she’s sorting the eggs out, I was going to sell them at an auction mart near to where I live, so there will be no come back if they have a poor hatch for any reason. my eggs are due to hatch about 3 days before the next auction so I'll see how many hatch out of mine first before selling but if I have a poor hatch I wont be selling.
How long can I store the hatching eggs before selling them.

Thank you for your reply its helped loads



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I set them as they come from the nest, the same as a mother duck would do. I get a 99% hatch rate this way.
Okay, I will wipe them off if they are damp from the duck but only because they like to stick to the tray if they get wet.

I do the same with chicken eggs. No big deal as long as they are not covered in fecal matter. I don;t set those but it is few and far between that I get ones like that. Bators, trays and hatcher can be cleaned so I don't sweat it and I have gotten great results.

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