Duck Eggs Due the 25th


11 Years
Aug 3, 2008
Linden, Mich S/W of Flint
Its my first time with duck eggs, I put 11 in and checked the other day and i have 6 of them have baby's moving inside.
the other 5, i opened and nothing, it looks like they weren't fertilized,
Cool! These are my first ducks too. I candled last night and saw little legs kicking. What breeds do you have? I got a mix of Khaki Campbells, Rouen, and Black East Indians.

It looks like I have 2 of the Black East Indians so far and 3 of the Rouens developing. The balance of the eggs were Khaki Campbell and all but two of those are developing. I need to weed out and count the good eggs to be sure of my numbers.
i have Rouen x Magpie,

I do have BEI, but no eggs yet,

though i do need more BEI girls i have 1 girl and the other 3 ended up being boys,

its cooler than candling chicken eggs, with the Rouen and magpie, you can see almost everything going on inside

I will get some pics together of the parents,
I noticed that. Khaki Campbells are that way too.
I loved seeing those little feet kick.

With chicken eggs, I can see more on the white ones. I just rarely have any white ones.
I set 9 eggs from my own ducks that I lost to a predator 3 are going strong! These were the first eggs from them. Due on the 22nd

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