Duck Eggs Infertile?


7 Years
May 28, 2012
Hi. I'm new here.

On Saturday (May 19th) I set some duck eggs in my incubator. They had been shipped and I let them rest for about 29 hours before I put them in my incubator. On Wednesday (May 23 - 4 days later) I found that most were fertile. Yay!

Tuesday, the day before (May 22), I set some eggs from a local guy. I let them rest for about 20 hours. The oldest eggs were not even 5 days by the time they went into the incubator. I checked today (May 28), and out of 12 eggs, only 1 is fertile and it is well along! The others are showing the yolk, and that is it. If one from this group has started developing shouldn't the others be developing as well? I use a 9-LED light, so I can pretty much see through. All of this gentleman's ducks are 1.5 years or less. I don't know what to say. He has hatched several before, and has only had at maxim 2 infertile out of 41 that he sets.

This is my second time with duck eggs, but I have hatched hordes of guineas, chickens, and just about every type of quail out there. My last hatch yielded 100%. I never get anything under 93%, even with shipped eggs, so I am wondering if these guys will show signs of life later.

Please advise, thanks.
Could of been infertile or maybe the eggs got too cold/hot before he gave them to you. I would candle again in another 5-7 days just to make sure
Thanks. I just contacted the local guy and he feels they were inadvertantly refrigerated.

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