Duck Eggs Wanted,July, Minnesota


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Jul 27, 2008
I would like to be put on a waiting list for July for duck eggs. Right now my duck incubator has Indian Runners from Calebs Acres(Nancy) and they appear to be coming along beautifully. The three others are two muscovy eggs and one cayuga egg from pidgey.
I would like to find mutt duck eggs or possibly another interesting breed. Open to about anything. I have room now but have to wait for more egg money.
You can post here, pm me, or e-mail me.
I have 3 white pekin and 1 rouen egg available right now if you'd have the $$ for shipping. I don't need them, and am not finding enough of them to list for sale. Let me know if you're interested

These could be either pures or mixes, as I have pekins, rouens, and cayugas all running together. These eggs are from some new layers, so they are probably all pekin X since that's the drake in the part of the flock.

How did the other eggs I sent you do?
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My cayuga or my pekin started to lay, they are both in with a crested pekin drake. Plus I have pure kahki campbell eggs......

You know me, you know what i got.
Hi Lisa!!

Cayugas??? Even a cross I am going to have to ask about!!
But then, who are we kidding, I would love any duck eggs!! The ones I got from Calebs Acres the last time were really hardy little ducks and did great as were the ones I got from Shadyglade. And SundownWaterfowl gave me some excellent directions for hatching them.

PMs sent!

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