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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by farmkat55, Nov 1, 2016.

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    Ok, so we have a pair of Pekins...Daisy lays an egg a day almost every single day. Will she do this even in the winter?

    Another question, what do y'all do with duck eggs you don't use? Turns out my husband is the only one who tried them and is horribly allergic or awful intolerant of them! He had eggs within the last month once or twice with no problem. She's only been laying a month. So he ate some 3 wks ago again and he got sick, thinking it was a reaction to a flu shot he'd had the day before. Had bad both ends and was sick for 2 days. I had just said in a flip way...hope those eggs didn't make you sick! Just figured it was the flu shot.

    So 1 week ago, he ate them again and boy howdy! He was so sick, he went to hospital for day and a half! This time was much, much worse but exactly the same. So, dr checked things and eventually said...don't eat duck eggs ever again! Funny, but now we have eggs that no one else will try!! I don't as I barely eat chicken eggs and sometimes get stomach aches from them. But other family members wanted to...but are "chicken" to try them!

    So, what ideas for eggs does anyone have?

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    I think it depends on the type of duck you have and your setup/feed. I have Khaki's and they are indeed supposed to keep laying through the winter...only slowing down slightly.

    That is too bad about your husband. I have heard that those people who can't tolerate the flu shot are likely to develop problems with chicken eggs, but these same people can often tolerate duck eggs. In fact, it is often a good selling point for them. It sounds like he got a double whammy for sure.

    I would try to either give them away or sell them (duck eggs fetch $6 dozen where I live). I have also heard of people using eggs in dog food and pig food. If they are fertilized you could also sell the eggs as hatching eggs.
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    Putting a light on your pekins should do it for winter.

    Here dozen duck eggs go for $7! Wacko...
    You can use eggs as duck food to, by boiling them and crumbling them so they are unrecognizable(dont want the ducks to eat all their eggs),
    But we never have to many eggs, even with khaki campbells, coz I only have four laying ducks.

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