Duck Eggs


Mar 11, 2018
I have three baby ducks. One male and one female for sure, not sure about the other one yet.

How does this work? How long do I have to grab the eggs before they are no longer edible?

Is it true once refrigerated the cycle stops? I do not want to crack one open and there is any sign of a baby in there. I'm truly scared if this happening.

I do not want baby ducks, just the eggs to eat. Will they give me problems when I take the eggs?
Are you asking if a duck can lay two eggs a day? Egg production is certainly more erratic as a duck comes into laying, so I imagine that it is possible (if you have a high-production breed & strain) but unlikely.

A duck usually won't constantly sit on a nest (constant raised temperatures is what triggers the beginning of embryo development) until they have collected a number of eggs. So even if you miss an egg for a day, it will still be fine to eat. Did you know that unwashed eggs actually have a protective layer that helps to preserve their freshness? You can read about it here.

Are your ducks close to laying age? If so, supplementing oyster shell available free-choice is a good idea. Calcium is important for laying ducks - both for shell production and the contractions needed to pass the egg. But the drakes don't need it.

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