Feb 11, 2021
United States of America
10 little duck eggs waiting to hatch. In lockdown.

Someone recommended glass gems or stones to better regulate heat. I have a large glass mug and three shot glasses. They also are holding water for humidity.
As always the incubator was full cleansed after last use.
Trying to watch the temp & humidity more closely.

Didn't want to lose these eggs. They were the ones that had a few days in a clear plastic tote with a lamp and cup of water & a temp & humidity gage. In pinch and an emergency we did the best diy.

Bought straight run ducklings recently and let our female bond with them. It's been great not needing a heater or lamp, except she protects them so fiercely that they are scarred of people now. But glad we got them.

The eggs in incubator are actually some of our female ducks eggs. So it's really refreshing to see her being a good mama. Would she be broody? I doubt it. Well, maybe not in winter.


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