duck eggs?

A number of factors can influence when a duck may commence laying. Day light hours, season and breed are the most influential. Muscovies and ornamental breeds can tend to be more seasonal layers- and may not lay until the spring following their hatching - meaning they can be nearly a year old before they lay. Whereas something like a Runner or Campbell who lay year round are more likely to start when 22 weeks give or take a few weeks regardless of the season.

Generally a duck is physically mature enough to lay eggs as early as 16 weeks but an average is more around the 22- 24 weeks of age mark.

Did you have a specific breed you were wanting to know about??
well i have one pekin duck now that i think is a girl.But im getting 2 from TSC saturday and was just wondering how long it would be?
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With a Pekin I would say that 22- 24 would be normal so buying them early you might get some eggs in late summer. It depends a little on the strain- as pekins - being mainly a meat bird arent among the greatest layers. Having said that though - my girl laid up a storm until her current molt - laying pretty much an egg a day when she wasnt broody for a whole year.
Okay,thanks very much.Another thing,can chickens and ducks be housed togher,at all?

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