Duck Embryo Chart


10 Years
Sep 19, 2009
Fort Worth, Tx
I am looking for a duck growth chart for my students to see what is happening in our eggs. I can find the chicken one, but not one for ducks? Can i use a chicken one? What days of growth would be similar. Any help would be great.

This is the chicken one I found. How is it different from the ducks?

or if anyone knows where i can get a duck specific one that would be great too!

Im not sure but that is so cool!!! when ou find a duck one i so wanna see it.

And since ducks have an extra week that chicks dont id say that yes, they ae different.
I never could find one for ducks back in the spring. I was looking for one to educate my 4 yo son. We ended up using the chicken one for reference. I also remebered saving a site from a teacher that I had run across. It had weekly candling photos for ducks they hatched out in a classroom. I finally found it again and the link to it is below. Thought you might like to see it.
thanks for that class link...that is neat.

I was hoping to make like a count down link out of construction paper. You know the ones you make in grade school that counted down to christmas? Maybe i can just expand the chicken one to 28 days...i mean it would be the same basic growth, just a few days longer? right? lol

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