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    My duck has an eye infection but i'm not sure what type of eye infection it is! its obviously painful Daisy keeps her eye closed sometimes, her eye has little white spots on it and the tissue is really red on the lower part of her eye, i think i saw some drainage! i dont have lots of money, my parents are poor so the vet will be hard to do, so i want to try to treat this if i can . The pic is bad quality i can take better ones if needed![​IMG]
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    @Amiga or @Miss Lydia

    I don't know the causes of eye infections in ducks or how to treat them. But hopefully someone with experience will be able to assist you.
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    There are several possibilities.

    Something you can do right away is being to rinse the eye four or five times a day with a mild saline solution. Sometimes the only thing going on is something got into the eye, it got scratched, and that's where the problem is. If infection has not set in deeply, the saline rinse should clear it up.

    Sometimes, though, there are other eye diseases that need different medicine. I am not expert in all of them.

    There are antibiotic eyedrops available. You may have to look around online. @casportpony has collected a list of medicines in a thread, and she pays close attention to a number of treatments available.

    Does the duck have a way to wash her head frequently every day? That is important. Sometimes a drake mates roughly and hurts the eye. So if there is a drake, they need to be separate for a while.
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