Duck Eye Infection?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by TwoDogFarm, Jul 24, 2014.

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    Tuesday, I noticed that one of my ducks had some clear fluid around his eye. He didn't want to keep his eye opened. I caught him and put him in a separate cage, but I had to keep the cage in the coop with the other ducks because I was afraid he would distress himself if he was separated. Later that night, my husband and I put Vetericyn drops in his eye. Last night (Wednesday), we were unable to work with his eye due to heavy rain all day. Today, I noticed that his eye had completely sealed itself shut. I rubbed his eye with a warm washrag and it came opened, but only slightly. We put more Vetericyn in it before putting him back in his cage.

    From what I have read, this seems to be some sort of eye infection. My question is, has anyone on here dealt with an eye infection before in ducks and if so, are there any recommendations you have for me for helping his eye heal correctly? Am I doing the right thing? Also, is this contagious to my flock? Even though he freaks out when he's away from the others, should I isolate him more?

    Any help is appreciated with this. Thanks.
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    I think that could maybe be due to an injury also. I think I would try to irrigate the eye a few times per day, see how it responds. I would try not to rub on it. I can't really think of any contagious eye infections off the top of my head. Do isolate him. A Vet is always a good idea if you can do that.

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