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    Jul 18, 2014
    Hi Everyone!

    I have 8 eggs on day 14 in my incubator so I'm just starting to plan ahead. I've always hatched chicks so ducks are a first for me.

    I have read through threads and searched the internet but still have a couple questions.

    I am going to get a new (smaller) rubbermaid container and this time do the chicken wire/mesh across the top (how do I get it to stay down or do I not worry??). I have a chick feeder and waterer ... they are the ones you put a mason jar on and then metal at the bottom. I have to pull them out, but I know my feeder has the holes in it. Will these work? I also saw where I should raise up the water a bit by putting a baking rack on top of a pan (I have some slanted wood blocks that will work well for a ramp if needed).

    Do they need constant access to food/water? The feed store where I purchased them said to do 1 hour on, 2 hours off.

    I will disclose that this for a classroom. We know where the ducks are going once they are 2-4 weeks old.

    Thank you!

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