Duck Fishing


Jan 2, 2016
Northern California
New game of the century.

My ducks are hand fed at least once a day when I go out to deal with other animals. I go through their pen on the way so I stop to chat. I've discovered something very entertaining.

My ducks are very outgoing, so I don't know if this would work with ducks that weren't as confident in asserting themselves towards humans.

When I hand feed, I actually have to push ducks BACK or they'll get so under my feet they get stepped on. I sit on a bale or even on the ground if it's dry out. They already allow me to pet them.

Since I am the food lady, they assume I have something somewhere for them and I'm holding out on them. After I ran out of food I noticed the string on my sweatshirt becomes the next thing to try to eat, so I took it out and held it with a little "worm" hanging out of my hand. Ducks grab sweatshirt string worm, I grab ducks. Dang they're fat. But soft.

Huzzah, lap full of ducky goodness. I've decided to lap train them by giving the captured duck treats.


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Jan 3, 2010
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