Duck flying off and laying in neighbors pasture

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by SportTees, May 18, 2009.

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    1 of my 4 ducks that free range has figured out how to fly. I have been getting her eggs so she has decided to lay in a different location. Every night she fly's to the neighbors pasture and lays then fly's back soon as she find out I'm up. There are cows on the pasture but only during the day so I don't think it will be a problem unless she goes broody. Should I just let her go because she comes back or should I clip her wings? I'm afraid if she goes broody a cow might accidentally step on her.
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    Apr 25, 2009
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    Is it one of the Muscovies? They do and can fly, very, very well. I am surprised all of them are not flying. We have some "wild" one's around here, that come from a few streets over, where there is a pond. Every day, I have a couple of them that come and visit my ducks. I put food out for them too, cause I like them coming to visit. They are in the big yard, not the duck yard. Anyway, when they leave, they take off and really fly!! It's harder for the drakes, cause they are so big, but I have seen one drake fly pretty good. The hens, though, they can really take off and they fly off into the sunset. It's not like just a few feet and then land!

    You probably should clip their wings. Even if they do come back, once she is broody, she won't. Plus, anything cna get her in the cow field, especially if she is sitting/protecting her nest.


    P.S. I have two Muscovey drakes and I don't clip their wings because they can't fly. They both have Angel wing and are pretty much grounded.

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    my Muscovies have figured out the neighbors pond is more fun then ours (traitors!). so when our Miss Duck wanted to nest she picked a spot under the neighbor's garage which didnt make ANYONE happy. you might want to ground them now and try and figure out what will make them stay. mine love to free range but i keep them close with corn and bagged feed.

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