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    Jan 7, 2011
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    Okay, I admit it, I was an idiot. I bought an adult bird and didn't do a proper quarantine. Last week my muscovy drake got eaten by a predator and I was heartsick. I bought a replacement drake, nice big gorgeous guy. I brought him home Sunday and had him in an extra large dog kennel completely separate from my flock. Watched him for a few days, he seemed fine. I lost FOUR more birds over the next couple of days, and started keeping the flock in the coop 24/7. Thursday night I saw two BIG cats by the chicken coop and chased them off. They say we don't have mountain lions here, but these suckers were bigger than my standard poodle, with prints 4" across. Anyway, Friday morning I went out and the kennel the drake was in had been dragged halfway across my yard and had 12 inch long claw marks in it so I freaked out and threw the new drake in with all the other birds. Fed them all and watered them Friday night, then Saturday morning (this morning) I go out to check on everyone and that drake was laying in the doorway stone cold dead. I spent all day today sterilizing the coop. Buried the drake and all the litter that was anywhere near him, also any wet litter. Dumped other litter in the compost pile and swept and scrubbed the coop, then I sprayed down every surface inside with straight household bleach. Let that dry for an hour while I drove off to get new litter. This afternoon I noticed one of my two remaining ducks was sneezing and the other one (who is broody) pooped the most massive greenish yellow diarrhea all over me while I was taking her off her nest so I could clean the coop.

    The only place that will do a necropsy is the state ag. university, and honestly, by the time I thought of it, he was too bloated and nasty. They're closed on weekends anyway. My question is, what do you guys think it is? Given the description of the diarrhea my one hen has, the sneezing, and how quickly that drake went down, I'm wondering if it could be fowl cholera. I have them on Duramycin right now, the 800 mg / gal concentration. I'm wondering what to do next. Should I take in a hen and have a test? Should I put the whole flock down? Will they become carriers? I worked my butt off trying to save them, and now I just don't know what to do next.


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    Broody ducks will often have diarrhea - it does not necessarily mean they are sick. Did you consider that stress may be effecting your birds at all? With predators such as you describe around this could have at least contributed to the death of the drake. You didnt mention that he exhibited any symptoms of anything in your post.

    I know little about fowl cholera- but just thought rather than think the worst- there may be other explanations.

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