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Jun 12, 2017
i know i know... its the age old question. BUT i suck at using forums... like... i really do. its kinda sad.
as internet savy as i am i cant figure these things out. lol.

i have a pekin thats about 5 weeks old. i got it from a terrible "back yard breeder" which i later found out from a local feed store after getting the duckling.
is there absolutely anyway to tell what gender it is? Pip is super duper talkative. still mostly peeps every now and again we get a quack. i was told usually when theyre talkative its a female. i mean so talkative that it sings when eating. sings when playing in the tub. even wakes up at night just to say hey yeah still talking then goes back to sleep lol.
anyway, any other way to tell??

thanks in advance!!

ps im super new to this page so hello everyone from Pip and myself!!!


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oh wow!!! the difference is insane!! definitely sounds more like the female noise when we finally get a quack instead of a peep lol. oh thats so awesome!! thank you so much for showing me that!!! it definitely seems like youre right!! haha that is so freaking cool!!! lol

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