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Apr 5, 2020
I have NEVER had a drake Rouen look like a DRAKE! They ALWAYS look like a female. The most I get is slight head iridescent color, but only noticeable in the sunlight. Same goes for the curly tail feather. My drakes have never had them. They are slightly larger than my female Rouens, but only noticeable when standing next to one. Never a neck ring, never the striking green head... nothing. The only reason I know there’s a drake is by walking out to the barn to a new batch of ducklings one morning. It’s happened twice w two different Rouens. All I have are Rouens, so it’s definitely them. Now I have a tiny female 10-12 week old duckling. (Female) Shes maturing and her voice is changing. She is completely worse and periodically makes a raspy quack. She’s not behaving like she has an upper respiratory infection but I am always concerned. She is 100% blind and lives inside my house as a pet. I have read that only drakes lose their voice when they mature. Do females also lose their voice as they mature… Or do I have another drake that looks like a duck. And yes I know drakes don’t whack females do. I’m just concerned about the complete loss of her voice. By the looks of it… My little duck is concerned about her missing voice too. She walks around the house all day trying to quack... when she had her boys she rarely used it only to tell me (or bless her blind heart) she’d hear the refrigerator and tell it when she was hungry. 🥰 Is anybody else had Rouen Drakes that just flat out don’t look like drakes?

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