Duck/Goose coop size?


10 Years
Apr 29, 2009
Northeastern Michigan
So I have built a coop that is 6'x6' with about 3' of awning extending from 2 sides one of the awnings is butted up against the side of the barn so it is only open from 2 sides. the coop has protection from the east by the barn and from the north and south by a mix of trees including pines. I am able to secure it and close the door at anytime for safety at night and in bad weather. I built it with what I had on hand so hence the size. Its intention is to house ducks (magpies) and/or geese (white Chinese). They have over 5 acres to roam during the day and in good weather. So my questions are two fold: 1 I live in northeast Michigan really hot summers and normally cold to very cold winters. I currently left a gap at the top of the coop on three sides covered in wire for ventilation during the summer is that ok? will they need more ventilation in the summer then that? And can I leave it as is in the winter or do I need to decrease the ventilation in the winter? Don't want the waterfowl overheating in the summer or freezing in the winter. 2. How many ducks or geese or a combination of the two will be able to comfortably fit inside this coop? most of the calculations of sqft per waterfowl I have found are not very detailed. They will only be inside at night and in the most foul of winter weather, since the yard is sheltered, has shade available and they will have access to a pool all day as well. I don't want the birds to be uncomfortable so if anyone can answer my questions that would be great.

Also they must be locked inside the coop at night as we have coyote dens on the property to the south and a family of foxes to the north, as well as raccoons the size of pitbulls roaming at all hours of the night. Sorry duck is not on the menu (at least if I have any say about it) you hairy beasts!

Nest boxes, feeders, and water stations will not be inside the coop but will be available and sheltered as well.

Sorry this is so long but I am long winded I guess, Thanks to all that respond.

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