Duck grower frees "dozens of thousands" of his ducks


May 20, 2015
Here's a short video of a farmer in China releasing "dozens of thousands" of his ducks into the wild, supposedly because there is no food to feed them from much of China being shut down now because of hysteria over the coronavirus.

Man says to his ducks while releasing them: "I let you go. Dozens of thousands of you. Go wherever you like. Live on bravely. No food for you. No one can come to slaughter you. No one takes care of things anymore.
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Sep 2, 2018
Big Chimney, WV
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Why is it sad? They were headed for someone's dinner table, but now they have a chance to live free. Maybe they will wander to kind-hearted Chinese homes where they will be adopted as pets.
They will wander around, in search for food. Many will fall victim to stray dogs and other predators, a lot of them will wander to Chinese homes, where they will be served as a welcomed dinner, some will just starve to death and only a few ones will be lucky enough to be adopted.

Domestic ducks are called "domestic" for a reason: Most of them are unable to survive in the wild, they don't know how to find enough food, they have lost their instincts to protect themselves from predators and most important: They are unable to fly!!!

And what does it mean: »I let you go.« ?
I let my ducks go every morning, would they wish to walk away they could, but their duck-house and my land is their home and they will stay here, regardless i feed them or not, they don;t know anything else and have no desire to explore the world.
The same will happen to those ducks. They won't leave the area of that duck farm becaus they know nothing else. It is their home.

That's why i think this is sad! Humans have brought those ducks into this world and are now unable to fulfill their responsibilities and many ducks will die. ☹


Aug 7, 2018
San Antonio
I find it sad for both man and duck. The ducks know nothing else. Their chances may be small, and maybe even painful. And just like @WannaBeHillBilly said, families that see them on their property may slaughter them. A free meal, maybe where one wasn't available.

On the human side, this man has to abandon his way of life and his means of income. I find this just as sad.
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