Duck harness question


6 Years
Aug 20, 2013
El Dorado County, Ca
Ok so I made harnesses for my ducks. I have two by the way, a blue swede and a black swede. So I made the harnesses out of old plain white T-shirts that I had. I basically just made the shirts way smaller so they would fit the ducks, and then tested it on them to see what adjustments needed to be made. The ducks are six weeks old, so the shirts are super small. Anyway it looks comfortable on them, and they seem fine in it, although they are just being trained to use harnesses and diapers now, so as comfortable as they are gonna be in that stage, but were getting there. The one thing I'm questioning is that I didn't add holes for their wings to fit through. Is that a problem? They look comfy in it, and they are currently only wearing it for like fifteen minutes at a time, however the longest they will ever be wearing it at a time is an hour. I don't want them to be hurt or uncomfortable, so if I need to add wing holes please let me know. The only concern I have about adding them is that it will make the shirt weaker from the lack of fabric, and that the ducks could slip out of them. All comments are appreciated! Thanks a lot!
Ok, answering my own question. My duck tried to flap his wigs and got it stuck. So I took it off and luckily his wing is fine. So I made wing holes and in the process came up with the idea to connect a diaper to the harness. I am in the middle of doing that right now and will post pics when I'm done. It's not the most attractive thing, as its made out of old shirts and socks, but it serves the purpose of what I need it for. Plus, when they're adults, I'm ordering some diapers from Nettie.

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