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    Louie, my drake Cayuga, loves me. A lot. Not as much as he loves Thelma, but it's a close second, I think.

    He always bills me, my jeans, my toes, my arms, my hands. Sometimes he gets pretty insistent if I'm distracted and doing something else instead of patting his head, neck or back. He actually gets all ducky giggly when I do that.

    But if I stop, or haven't started when he wants the attention, he will tug at my clothes. First. THEN if I don't immediately give him the attention he wants, he starts to bill me with real nibbles. He'll upgrade to tiny bites, hanging on, unless I grab his bill, hold it, and tell him "No!" At which time he lets go and waddles away, his feelings hurt.

    Somebody at work asked me what I'd been doing - she saw 2 or 3 little bruises on my inner arms, one near my wrist.

    "Oh, those are duck hickies - Louie loves me lots."

    It was a whole lot easier to say than going into the whole "duck billing" explanation and then having to down-grade duck bites because that sounds pretty negative that your duck bites you....

    But it did raise some eyebrows.
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    I must admit, I love the term!

    Elfie, my smallest runner, is the one who will get a little intense with the nibbles, but I think she just gets carried away. A slight pulling away on my part, and she calms down. Ducks are so, so, . . . . . they can really go at something with abandon! Just, flat out, live it up, mardi gras approach!

    duck hickies. [​IMG]

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