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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by RockwaterFarm, May 18, 2010.

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    Feb 17, 2010
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    I had recently tossed my muscovy ducks out of the chicken run. They were just getting too messy and like it so much better outside than in the 10' by 12' run. They get all of the grass and bugs the want and can stretch thier wings. The only problem is that i have to bring them back into the coop at night with the chickens. And in the morning i have to chase them out of the run. My white drake is kinda dumb and tries to go through the wire instead of out the door. I want to make them a duck house. the will only be in it at night and when it rains, if they want to go in it. I need to see some pictures of your duck houses and some dimensions i would need for 3 muscovy drakes, 2 muscovy hens, a mallard and 2 pekins, don't know the sex of them yet. My dad has a 6ft long, 4 ft wide 4 ft high wood box i could modify, i think that is plenty big but i just want to see what yours look like.
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    We are just using a dog crate. They seem to be doing great and go in by themselves.
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    For a group that size, I would go with something like 4' x 8'. The 4' x 6' would probably be okay.

    I think duck houses are best when sturdy, to keep out predators, with good ventilation and tall enough for lots of bedding in winter (if you have a winter).
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