Duck housing?


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Apr 13, 2014
San Angelo Texas
Right now I have my ducks in the coop with my chickens. I have 6 and can see that they are going to need their own space pretty quickly for multiple reasons. Could y'all post pictures of your duck inclosures? Free range will not be an option where I live. I am in the country, but we have an abundance of skunks, coons, fox, the occasional bobcat... and I have two very fast yipper dogs that like to chase as well as barn cats. I have a metel goat half hoop house that's not being used right now. I was thinking about attaching cattle panel to and extending out a run then eventually giving them ducks/chickens a shared enclosed yard made from an old trampoline frame. Thoughts?

Btw I'm a cheep country girl. I use what I have around the house already. Outside of buying some poultry netting I won't spend money. I have a scrap metal pile, landscaping timbers, and sheet metal those are the materials I will use. I'm just curious about how people keep ducks. I've only had chickens before now.
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