Duck hurting chicks she's supposed to look after!

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  1. Hi I recently got two baby chicks and I put them under the broody duck it seemed alright but sometimes the young chicks climb out from under her and then the duck starts to hurt the chicks until they go back under her and when I lifted up the duck the chicks came with her and I think she was holding them with her feet is this normal or is she trying to suffocate them?
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    A mother harming chicks is not normal, well, it's common enough for females to kill chicks but it's not healthy. Sounds like when you lifted her, she held her wings tight and didn't dangle her feet, and chicks stand on the mother's feet and hide under her wings, so yes, when that happens it's normal for a broody to 'carry' chicks when lifted.

    If you quote my post and put your answers next to the questions below, that would be the quickest way to get to the bottom of this issue, which needs doing as quickly as possible before deaths occur.

    When you say 'sometimes it seemed alright' --- do you mean she acts like a normal mother sometimes?

    Are these chicks or ducklings?

    Did she see you introduce them?

    Does she pick on them all equally, or just some?

    How long had she been broody?

    How old are the chicks?

    When she attacks them, what specifically does she do?

    At this rate, if she's keeping them in mortal terror of her, they will dehydrate to death quickly under her, or be pecked to death trying to get to food and water. If you think they need it, remove them and give them food and water regularly... Sounds to me like she may be a 'dud' as a mother, or maybe just one that won't accept another species, if you're trying to get her to raise chickens. They're all individual, you can't rely on any hen until she's proven herself.

    Best wishes.
  3. Thanks she was nice 50% of the but now that I've fed the chick it's 99.9% so thanks for your help!

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