Duck Introductions--- pleae advise

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by 5Chances, Feb 11, 2017.

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    Jun 18, 2013
    So I posted a few days ago that I lost my sweet Fred (Pekin) to a coyote after his pen door somehow came open and they got out at night. My family was heartbroken and so was Ethel (also Pekin) they were bought as week old ducklings and hand raised. He was more like a dog, she not as outgoing to people but a sweet friendly. Watching her look for Fred and call for him was too much for me to bear so I found a her another (what I hope to become her) companion.... she is about 10 mos old. And our newest, I was told by the breeder, is 3 months old. He wasn't raised as hands on as Ethel but he's a sweet guy once you get your hands on him.

    I introduced them today.... she, my lonely depressed "shy" girl, is letting him have it!!!! She is trying to climb on him (like mating), biting his feathers, & tackling him!!!!! Since she is all alone I thought she would be glad to see another duck! She is not constantly going after the younger boy. It's just he he wanders too close to her it seems which he is trying to avoid!! Is this typical of duck introduction? I was surprised with them being opposite sex. I know he is younger and he's not fighting back so obviously I am watching closely but how long is she going to be angry with him!??? I also wonder if she's mad about being kept in a pen. She's used to free ranging during the day & doing as she pleases but since the coyote I have not let her out alone because I was waiting on her to have another companion... any thoughts or experiences you can share are appreciated.

    PS-- my son is currently out on the hunt for that 'yote with his rifle [​IMG]
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    Sometimes the female will do the mating behavior to show dominions
  3. Total normal behaviour....First they will fight a bit and then do the head bobbing and neck tying to figure each other out.....
    They will be fine......Happy you found her a friend so quickly...

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    Ethel has been traumatized. Life for her is not normal. So I would not be surprised by any of her reactions.

    I would keep them near each other but not together just yet. She may feel easily threatened. Ducks grieve.

    I agree with chickens really that they will sort it out. I am more hands-on when it comes to introductions. If there is anything more than a little pushing or chasing, the ducks are separated (still see each other) and we try again tomorrow.

    Giving treats before and during introductions sometimes helps. Glad you found her some company.

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