Duck Itch/Swimmer's Itch

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  1. Amy S

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    I have heard that this is caused by mites. True, or is it a different parasite?

    I plan on gathering some duckweed from a local pond nearby and am wondering if anyone knows how long mites can survive in water without a host. Also, can eggs survive in water without a host. We are building the pond now, but ducks won't go in for weeks to come. I don't want my little guys getting any parasites! Thanks!
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    Apr 15, 2009
    It's not caused by a mite, it's caused by a trematode, which is a parasite, but not a mite. A regular worming schedule should take care of any infestations.

    You are going to have parasite infestations regardless of what you do, so get used to the idea. Birds get buggy and wormy. Scheduled maintenance will keep those problems at a manageable level, and your birds shouldn't suffer any ill effects from them. These infestations help to keep the immune system functioning properly.

    Good luck.
  3. Amy S

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    Thank you!

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