Duck kills rooster :(


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Jan 30, 2008
Beaufort, South Carolina
Well today when I was feeding my chickens and ducks I hear a loud sqwak, so I rush to the pen, and there is my HUDGE muscovy duck (one in display pic) attacking/fighting my dominant mixed rooster.

My mixed rooster was also very large, and he never backed down from a fight, and my muscovy duck is so sweet, but is very dominant if needed. (it takes alot to push his buttons)

By the time I got there Lucky (duck) had already done his job, he KILLED the rooster. Which amazed me because this rooster was so big.

This rooster was about 6 years old and I hatched some of his great great grandchilderen yesterday

My duck is around 11 years old.

Well what I am guessing happened is Lucky got fed up with him and went to fight him around the neck,

I am guessing Lucky threw down his head so hard it broke the neck of my rooster, which was a instant kill

I will always remember him because if you look around my yard hes everywere, lots of his kids, kids kids etc. are running around in my mixed breed flock.

But that just shows how strong a duck can be...

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11 Years
Apr 3, 2008
Axton, VA
I have a 25 week old W. Leghorn that picks a fight with our 25 week old Peking ducks. We usually have to go out and break up the fight , but the Roo is going in a pot next month due to the fact he (for some reason) has went from nice and sweet to darn right evil. Ain't havin' that around my house.

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