Duck losted all tail feathers, help!!!!


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5 Years
Apr 21, 2014
My duck, Claira is a rouen cross and starting last week her and my other ducks started moulting it was all normal except for Claira. Now all of her tail feathers are gone and when she flaps her wings she only has little stubs. Also her feathers are gone in patches on her neck but other than that she is acting normal, eating drinking and going to the bathroom. If this helps all of my ducks are girls and they are just over 1 year old. Claira is the lower dominant duck but from what I see they all respect each other.


5 Years
Mar 18, 2014
East Sussex , England
I wouldn't worry it's perfectly normal some ducks lose more feathers than others especially in there second year. Usually the best layers lose more feathers than other layers that aren't as prolific. I have seen this theory in my flock . She will look beautiful eventually :)

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