Duck mating Jersey Giant

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by lavacaw, Jan 13, 2011.

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    Feb 4, 2008
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    A bobcat took out my Rouen female and the male has attached himself to my Jersey Giants. The giant roo is okay with this but lately we have seen the duck trying to mate with one of the giant hens. When I load the incubator, is it possible to get a cross? I don't think so, but I gotta ask! [​IMG]
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    In a black and white answer... no, its not possible,

    In a Real Live setting... You Never know, it all depends what genetic material the chicken used, and what genetic material the duck used. In a nutshell, its like a Lock and Key. Chickens have the lock and rooster have the Key. Ducks also have a key, but the key does not fit the lock and wont unlock the "egg". But if there is duck with the right "Key", you might get a fertile egg. Its a very very very slim chance. and even if the egg does get fertile, it still has to survive to hatch, and make it..

    Id incubate the eggs... YOU NEVER KNOW. I support the idea. best of luck, and keep us posted.

    Ps. My chicken eggs take 3 weeks to hatch, and my ducks take 4 weeks. but im sure you know that.
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    At least he's not breeding the cats!! Our two extra males are chasing down the barn cats, not the chickens, they are really messed up in the head.
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    I know that when horses & donkeys mate you get a sterile mule.... You may get one odd-looking creature! In order to have a living offspring, it takes a lot of special things to happen. You may get a living chicken-duck cross, you may get a critter that doesn't develop properly in the egg & never hatches, or you could always get a chicken or a duck chick that looks perfectly normal. Or you may get nothing but yolk. It also depends on if the duck was "successful."
    Very interesting! [​IMG] Please keep us posted.
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    Too great difference in chromosome # for the eggs to be fertilized by the drake. Be aware that the reproductive tract of a hen is not constructed to accept objects; i.e., a drake's penis. Drakes mating hens give rise to the possibility of reproductive tract damage including infection, prolapse, etc.

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