Duck mating


Aug 2, 2021
I have two ducks that Hatched mid August. One is mallard which I’m sure is male. The other is khaki campbell. We think it might be male too but it’s hard to say for sure. They have not shown signs of mating or trying to mate yet. If they are male and female When do they typically start mating? Do they mate all year or is there a mating season?


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So 3 months old? most likely mating will begin in a couple more months. It's really hard to say because my Muscovy are around 8-9 months old before they start mating but my Runners were only 4 months old when they started. But you should be able to tell by quack if your KC is drake or female. Drakes have a raspy soft voice where ducks quack and it can be pretty loud. Also since it's late in the year mating may not begin until next year for your 2.

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