Duck Momma!

Brings Plenty

5 Years
Apr 1, 2017
Kansas City
Feathery Kids: I have 13 rescue ducks and one guinea fowl.
2 Jumbo Pekins (Pebbles and BamBam)
1 Black Sweedish (Betty)
1 Blue Bibbed Call (Bae'Bae')
1 Muscovy (Princess)
8 Mallards (yes, actual mallards, that's a long story....3 boys 5 girls)
Guinea: Erick

I have what I call Fort Knox as their "night night" kennels, a day run that has 3 kiddie pools, a mud patch, two umbrellas, grass patches and fans. I turn my kiddos out for AT LEAST an hour every day into our yard when I can be out there to watch them. Spoiled and very much loved!
Daily Fresh Water, Duck Pellets, Romain Lettuce, Meal Worms and Sea Kelp sprinkled on their food at night.

In addition to our feathered rescues we also have 24 other rescues infusing wild horses, donkey, dogs and cats. 😳🤪❤️❤️❤️

My husband is in the entertainment industry and I am in the industry of taking care of all of them! 😊 The animals are the easiest though! 😆
I've had animals all my life and only a husband for about 11 years now.

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